Two papers accepted to MODELS’21

We have two papers accepted to the MODELS’21 conference:

  1. The first submission is titled “Monte Carlo Tree Search and GR(1) Synthesis for Robot Tasks Planning in Automotive Production Lines” and is the result of a collaboration with Eric Wete at Volkswagen and Andreas Wortmann. It presents an approach to combine formal controller synthesis and AI planning to arrive at correct and optimized choreographies for multi-robot cells in automotive production lines.
  2. The second submission, titled “Integrated and Iterative Requirements Analysis and Test Specification: A Case Study at Kostal” is the result of a collaboration with Carsten Wiecher, Jannik Fischbach, Andreas Vogelsang, Carsten Wolff, and Roman Dumitrescu. If presents an approach for the iterative requirements specification and analysis based on test-driven modeling and execution of scenario-based specification and applying Spectmate’s NLP capabilities for deriving tests from textual component requirements.

Obama visits Hannover, our students attending

It was a bit tricky to get to the lecture today, due to the visit of President Obama in Hannover.

Also students from out University had a chance to attend Obama’s speech. Of course they were excused for not attending to my lecture.


And the following speech in full length:


EffiSynth project: Open doctoral researcher position

I am looking for qualified applicants for a doctoral researcher position in the DFG-fundend project EffiSynth — Design of Energy Effficient Mechatronic Systems based on Automated Controller Synthesis and Trajectory Planning.

Please submit your application via email by November 1st 2015. The position is to be filled by January 2015. The position is for two years, but, if possible, may be extended.

For more information also see the German description of the position.

The goal of this project is to develop methods and tools for engineers to design energy efficient mechatronic systems, for example production systems, that optimize the reuse of braking energy in the system.

This interdisciplinary research project will be carried out in cooperation with the Institute of Mechatronic Systems in Hannover (Jens Kotlarski). I am seeking candidates with a background on model-based software engineering and/or formal methods. Knowledge of mechanical- or control engineering or robotics is a plus. Required is a masters degree (or equivalent) in computer science or a related field of study.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.