Video online: UbiBots – Model Based Software Engineering for Ubiquitous Cyber-Physical Systems

The final presentation video of the project course “UbiBots – Model Based Software Engineering for Ubiquitous Cyber-Physical Systems” is now uploaded to YouTube.

The video presents the results of a master project course conducted at the Software Engineering group of the Leibniz Universität Hannover ( in 2015.

In this course, a group of students used the ScenarioTools tool suite ( to specify the behavior of an advanced driver assistance system based on Car-to-X communication. The main example regarded in the course was the warning of drivers as they pass a narrow lane caused by roadworks.

Then an execution infrastructure was developed to execute the scenario-based specification on RaspberryPi-based and Java-enabled robots (Pi2Go).

See also the project website:
See also a paper publication of the topic (scenarios@run.time):…

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